"Synergize your trading with precision!"

Synergy Pro™ is the next generation of the Synergy trading method.

Synergy Pro™ is a newly crafted Synergy design with redefined performance objectives, yet keeping the original principle of combining market forces of Price Action and Market Sentiment to produce higher probability trades.

Like a well-engineered sports car for the trader, Synergy Pro™ is an efficiently designed collaboration of hybrid components measuring market dynamics intelligently, adjusting to trader demands with distinct strategies, and performing with engineered probability precision.

Get ready to sit in the driver's seat, switch on your choice of strategies, and drive the Forex market with greater potential!

Get the right tools and knowledge to take your trading to a whole new level!

The Synergy Pro™ method was developed on the MetaTrader 4.0 trading platform. You can download a free MetaTrader 4.0 demo from CompassFX.

With the MetaTrader 4.0 platform, you receive:

FREE Trading platform with advanced charting

FREE Datafeed

More training resources are soon to be released along with a highly anticipated Synergy Pro™ advanced algorithm trading system!

About Dean Malone, the Creator of the Synergy Trading Method

Dean MaloneAs a recognized authority in the Forex market, Dean Malone has been interviewed and quoted by CNBC, Reuters, CNN, Wall Street Journal, and others about the Foreign Currency market, its effect on the economy, and how investors and traders can trade the currency markets.

Dean began trading stocks and commodities online in the early 1990s as a hobby. With an entrepreneurial spirit, a background in public speaking and a remarkable talent for teaching, Dean worked his way from a sales representative to a national trainer for a Fortune 500 company. Building on his experience and turning his hobby of trading into a profession, Dean was selected to be a national trainer for one of the first retail Forex trading platforms in the U.S.

Since 2002, Dean has taught tens of thousands how to trade stocks, options, and foreign currency while at the same time sharing his vast knowledge of trading. He is a registered NFA member. He serves as a Forex strategist and currency director for CompassFX, a retail brokerage firm in Richardson, TX.

Dean developed and released the Synergy trading method thru CompassFX in 2005. Over the next few months, the Synergy method gained immediate acceptance and was sought after by hundreds of Forex traders and various Forex trading groups throughout the United States and Canada. Synergy is an effective Forex trading method developed to simplify trading decisions by combining the market forces of Price Action and Market Sentiment to produce higher probability trades. It is now used by traders globally with thousands of traders.

Dean hosts a daily online Active Trading Room for Forex traders during the U.S. session. As he trades the Synergy method, members of the room actively trade along and get the opportunity to learn some of the best kept trade techniques used by professional traders.

Dean Malone
CompassFX Currency Director
Licensed 3 and 34 Broker
Registered NFA Member # 0403348