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You have successfully claimed your spot on my live training session on Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

You will receive an email shortly that will outline the details of the event, and provide you with instructions on how to meet me in the webinar room.

Here is some “webinar homework” that will help you to understand all of the methods and principles that I will use in the webinar. You may certainly attend regardless, but this will ensure that you have the maximum amount of information when the live training event begins.

NOTE: If you have already done a step, skip over to the next one.

1) Download and read the “Four Elements” Report:

This report explains the four elements that create the “backbone” of a successful Forex system. I will be touching on this concept many times during the webinar, so read this report if you haven’t yet:

2) Watch the bonus video for additional information:

This video explains the “Four Elements” report in greater detail…

3) Watch my “Optimizing Trade Value” video:

To fully understand why “optimizing” each trade is important, I’ve created this video to explain what determines your trade “worth” and how a Forex system could be crippled by it.

4) Watch my “Trading The Market With Synergy” video:

This video combines all of the information about the “four elements” and their application to both entries and exits. I walk you through some real live trades that utilize all four elements to create a powerful market Synergy!

I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!