Trading The Markets With "Four Elements" Synergy!

In this video, you’ll be able to see where “the rubber meets the road”! I explain how the “Four Elements” can be used to create a powerful market “Synergy” in both your trade entries and exits…with real trading examples!

These aren’t some random “cherry picked” trades...these trades happened YESTERDAY (Friday, Oct. 5th). Watch as the Synergy in these “four elements” work together to pinpoint both entries and exits!

If you haven’t taken the time to download my “Four Elements Of A Successful Forex System” report yet (or haven’t seen the video of the powerful “Trade Value Optimization” technique), then you’ll need to do that immediately by using the navigation icons located at the top right corner of this page.

Each of the videos and reports have all been a direct result of your feedback and comments! Make sure you leave me a comment below, and let me know how this information has helped you (as well as any information on the “four elements” that you would like to see).

NOTE: I will be reviewing all comments to create a “Question And Answers” video to answer the most common questions asked! Use the comment field below to ask a question (or even to simply leave me feedback).

Keep your eyes peeled – there is SO much more coming your way soon!

Dean Malone

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  1. Scott

    Another excellent video / report Dean! Thank you for taking such good care of us traders. You truely are one of the good-guys in this industry.

  2. Skip W

    Evertime I watch one of your tutorials I see something I missed before and/or didn’t realize I didn’t know…..thanks again, Dean…..

  3. John

    Dean. I really lovely watching the video as you show how clear and straightforward the system is as you trade. Does this system work in longer time frames e.g daily?

    • Dean Malone


      It is designed to work in almost ANY timeframe. As a matter of fact, one aspect to what I’ve created allows me to view all four elements on every timeframe at once! It really helps with the ‘clarity’ that many traders seek. I’ll email you within the next couple of days.


  4. Gregz

    Hello Dean,
    I like what I’m seeing!

  5. Mark Austin

    Really impressive Dean. You have managed the art of simplifying everything into clear, sensible and successful terms. So, the next obvious question is when will Synergy trader pro be available to download?

    • Dean Malone


      I’ll email you within the next 24 hours or so. Keep an eye on your inbox :-)


  6. Seymour

    How do you compute market sentiment in real time?

    • Dean Malone


      I’ll have more on this question within the next few days – I’ll shoot you an email.


  7. Einar

    Awsome system! I am really impressed by these live trades, and your comments to them. The system seems to be extremely well prepared and fine tuned. Good work!

  8. Colin

    Looks good, but how much is the indicator, and how long would be its life before market conditions change?

    • Dean Malone


      That is a good question, and one that everybody must fully understand. The market definitely moves in “waves” from the short term to the long term. The conditions of the market change in such a way to where many systems stop trading as profitably as they once were. This is a side effect of apophneia! Only those systems that utilize the market in it’s “current form” (or what the end user ‘sees’ that isn’t actually there) stop working when the market shifts into a different style of movement. When you use a system that actually tunes into the ‘heartbeat’ of the market, and moves/changes as the market moves/changes…you then have something that is much more ‘timeless’ than those systems built upon flimsy rules, meant to trade the markets when they are the most ‘favorable’.

      I’ll be revealing more about this within the next few days – stay tuned (and keep an eye on your inbox)


  9. Good presentations, both the video and the pdf. Food for thought

  10. Charlie K

    Hi Dean. Thanks for the PDF and the great video. Your Synergy system is a great way to approach and trade the markets, it is simple, consistant and replicable. I appreciate all your hard work and have learnt so much from your videos and eagerly await the others.

    Best wishes Charlie K

  11. tes

    As usual, very informative educational video / tip!! I honestly I admire your dedication in helping fellow traders, even if they are not subscribers of any of your products.

  12. Tun

    Can’t wait to get the Synergy Pro!!!

  13. Hi Dean,
    I looked at the video with the 4 Elements and I think it’s awsome. I looked at the video twice to get a better sense of the indicators you were using and I tried to follow the trade as closely as possible in my mind to figure out my own exit position. I like the trade set up with the targets 1,2,and 3 made simple to follow and I’m quite impress with the system. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your videos but I’m also thinking of joining your service. I receive your emails all the time and I’ve been following you for some time now. Keep up the good works and remember there are people out there looking for help with their trading, but because they have been burned so many times before, they are a bit scared to get involved. I hope someone from your office contacts me because I’m interested in the system, thanks!
    Ray Budhai

    • Dean Malone


      If you’ve been following me for a while, then you’ll already know that I’m the type of person who would never leave somebody ‘high and dry’. I do what I can to help each trader out – which is why I’m releasing this information in the first place! Keep an eye on your inbox..I’ll be sending you something within the next 24 hours.


  14. Jack Kelly

    Hi Dean,
    Enjoying the Four Elements. Are you considering Volatility the same as Volume? If not then Volume would be the 5th Element.
    Also, what is the difference between Heikin-Ashi and your Candle?

    • Dean Malone


      I’m considering volatility to be Volume. There is no real true “Volume” in the Forex market, as it is without a centralized exchange. The volume that you speak of is quite literally the number of ‘ticks’ that happen on each candle. So, quite literally, the Volume IS the volatility (in the case of Forex). The higher the volume, the higher the volatility. It is one of the most ‘predictable’ aspects of the Forex markets…I’m very surprised that it is ignored as much as it is! Check your email in the next 24 hours or so – I have more information that can help to clear this all up for you :-)


  15. Pieter

    Is the 15m chart the best chart to use these indicators with? Or do other timeframes give the same results?

    Personally I like 30m, 1h and 4h charts and I’m wondering if the system gives the same results on these chart as on the 15m chart.

    Or do you say, we tested this system back and forth and the 15m chart came out on top as the best chart to use?

    • Dean Malone


      The “four elements” actually utilize the types of movements and trends that are present in almost every single timeframe. This means that the system I use can “auto-adapt” to the changes in the market, and will reflect what the market is actually ‘doing’ as opposed to the ‘nonsense’ we tend to see without it. I have to admit I was guilty of this for quite a while…but not anymore! So, regardless of the timeframe, using the ‘four elements’ properly can very much make a difference in your trading.


  16. Dick Williams


    Another great video. I’m interested in your system. Can it be used effectively on longer timeframes such as the 4 hr and Day? Awaiting your nest video. Have a great day and thanks.

    • Dean Malone


      Absolutely :-) I’ll explain more within the coming days…make sure you keep an eye on your inbox!


  17. Have truly enjoyed reading the 4 reports, but the multitude of requests asking about Entry/Exit is the point. Your video above answers the question 4totally and will start to be applied this coming Monday morning.
    Many thanks for all of your efforts in educating the less than professional traders. I really appreciate your efforts.

  18. Steve

    I continue to be excited about what I am seeing. Thanks, Dean.
    I do have a few specific questions:
    1- What MAs are used to determine trend and trend crosses?
    2- Is your volatility indicator exclusive? I haven’t seen one like this.
    3- Haven’t you had this synergy system before, or is this a new system?
    4- Non farm payroll is often not as orderly as it was yesterday. Does the system give many false positives when the swings are fast and wide?
    5- What are the statistics of success for positive signals?
    Thanks Again.

    • Dean Malone


      Some wonderful questions! I’m actually taking all of them down, so when I make my Q&A video, I will hit on each one of these. I can tell you that every single one of the indicators I use are exclusive – not only do I program some on my own, I have a couple of very talented programmers that help me in my endeavors every single day. As far as the “false signals” generated when Non-Farm payrolls (and other news events) are more “erratic”, I can say with a degree of certainty that every single system as a “loser” every once in a while. The key is to maximize your exits (make sure you watch my video on Exits), and to have an overall ‘edge’. I’ll be showing much more about my method of trading this week – keep an eye on your inbox.


  19. Terry

    Hi Dean. You have a great way of teaching – very easy to follow.I like the simplicity of your system.Where would I get that volatility indicator.Looking forward to more videos . Thanks, Terry

    • Dean Malone


      Thanks for all of your kind words :-) I’ll have more information on the volatility indicator as well as all of the other indicators and methods I use to ‘make sense’ of this ever-changing market! Look for an email from me tomorrow.


  20. Phil L.

    Hi Dean,

    Phil here again and I just watched your live trade examples video and I’ve only got 1 word to say about it. WOW!!

  21. makeni

    Wonderful presentation. I love it

    • Dean Malone

      Thank you!


  22. Daneswar

    Simply Astounding.Thanks.

  23. makeni

    Those it work on higher time frame? say 4hrs and dailies.

    • Dean Malone

      As a matter of fact, the four elements “Synergy” method is designed to utilize almost ALL of the timeframes…simultaneously. More on this coming in the next couple of days


  24. Everett

    Very nice !!!

  25. Doug

    Dean is the four Elements a software that you can buy, because it is very interesting.

    • Dean Malone


      Keep an eye on your inbox. I’ll shoot you an email tomorrow.


  26. BrianK

    As usual Dean Malone is top presenter. His ideas are well thought out. Enjoyed very much.

  27. barry conn

    Maybe I missed it but what is the volitality indicator on the bottom, I have the TDI. And, you said on the EJ.” There we got a strong buy signal at 102.20. How did you get the signal?

    • Dean Malone


      Some very good questions :-) I’ll reveal all of that within this coming week. Have some stuff lined out for you guys…everything from the explanation of each indicator all the way up to how each entry and exit are determined. Thanks for commenting!


  28. Carlo

    I like the strategy and would like to get my fingers on your sentiment and volatility indicators. How much? I would combine it with a few of my favorite indicators for better decision. Send me an email.
    Cheers Carlo

    • Dean Malone


      Be looking for my email (tomorrow morning most likely)


  29. Robert Young


    I like your system how do I buy it?


    • Dean Malone

      Robert – much more on the system in the next couple of days!


  30. Robert

    where do I sign up… sold me on Synergy! Or should I wait for SYNERGY PRO?

  31. It’s pretty cool when the “synergy” is flowing, so to speak !!

    Hey Dean, pardon my ignorance but how do I get hold of the volatility indicator that you have in the lower window??

    • Dean Malone


      This seems to be a very common question – not to worry, I’ll be touching on that much more in this coming week. Stay tuned!


  32. Gordon

    How do you tell the difference between a Marketer and a Real Trader trying to sell you a new system?—– One trades live, and the other one gives you a shovel as a bonus.
    Very impressive Dean, you have my attention now, very interested in whats comeing next. And thank you for the info you have already given out, it is appreciated.


    • Dean Malone


      Very nice observation LOL! I wouldn’t give you a “shovel” even if you paid me for it. I trade live every single day with many traders on board, watching my every move. I am a registered and licensed broker (Series 3 and 34). I want everybody to understand that this is my passion…all I want to do is pass on my knowledge and help as many traders as I can. Thank you for taking the time to review my material, and to make such a great comment!


  33. steve

    hi Dean,

    the 2 indic below volatility & market sentiment are based on the past prices no ?
    so why do you need them, just looking at the price action/trend should be sufficient ?
    anyhow like your videos and style :)

    • Dean Malone


      This is the whole point of the report and the videos! Price action/trend is NOT sufficient enough to place an educated trade from – apophinea is much too powerful when only using those two ideals. How do you know what you are looking at is actually what is happening, or is nothing more than the random “feel” of the market playing tricks on you? Volatility and market sentiment are based off of more than just previous prices…and if you stick with me, you’ll see why this is! Thanks for writing in!


  34. 2K.

    Great job big D!

    Is the DOTS on your platform the same version we downloaded last week or modified for SynergyPro?
    There are too many goof balls in this business. I’m grateful you aren’t one.
    Thanks Dean


  35. Patty

    Great tutorial video! Loved it! Questions: 1. “I noticed you had a .04 level set on the Volatility indicator on your M15 chart. Do you filter entries based on this level? Often it seems the Volatility line has changed from decreasing to increasing yet it is below this level…should that be a filter? 2. Do you recommend waiting for each candle to close before making an entry decision?”

    Love the time lapse presentation. Would love to see a time lapse trade that didn’t work out to see the synergy between the four elements.


    • Dean Malone


      Excellent questions – I will be answering all of them shortly! Stay tuned – much more coming!


  36. Tim Daney

    AWSOME information, very helpfull. God Bless.

  37. Keith

    Thanks for another excellant video, I always learn so much from them. When are you releasing Synergy-Pro, I’m looking forward to it, especially the trade management tool. Also how much will it be?

    • Dean Malone

      Stay tuned Keith – I have some great information coming up for you this week!


  38. Nick

    Your four elements of trading really helps to simplify the decision making process entering and exiting trades and removes the guess work and emotions that goes with it.

  39. Bill

    Great Report and videos (2). You’ve made it understandable. Thanks. Bill

  40. HG

    It´s very intersting information as always from you Dean. Looking forward to listen to more from you. I look at the market as the time is most important followed by volume this two components create the price if there is any interest from the market.

    All the best wishes

  41. richard

    the system look promsing how can i find out more info

  42. Jose Franco

    Hi Dean,

    looking foward to see what’s next.