My "Trade Value Optimization" Technique

How I Use A Market Feature Most Traders "Ignore" To Optimize The Value Of Every Single Trade

Utilizing the proper exit position on each trade is yet another process that benefits greatly from the use of the “Four Elements” of the Forex market.

Properly optimizing your exit strategy is an absolutely ESSENTIAL part of any successful trading plan…the “best” entry in the world means nothing without a well rounded exit created specifically for each trade.

Notice how easy this optimization process is with my Synergy Pro system; all of the work is done for me! All of the important factors of a well-optimized exit (tailor made for EACH trade) is automatically presented in an easy-to-read format with virtually zero work on my part.

If you haven’t yet, make sure you download my “Four Elements For A Successful Forex System” report by clicking this link:

Make sure you leave a comment below to let me know what you think! I’ve got much more coming soon – keep your eyes on this blog!

Dean Malone

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  1. Don

    I want in how do I get it

  2. clyde didier

    dean thanks for your info it is great how can i use the ASIAN SESSION method with your synergy system thanks again clyde

  3. Gulab

    I like the aeticle but where you get the software??How much it cost???

  4. So great pleasure getting always all these lessons from you.
    Thanks a lot.


  5. Dave

    Using the Price action and the sentiment of the TDI combined with volatility is a great aid to determining exits but also the entries. Thanks for improving our market and price vision with this training.

  6. bo

    fabulous information, thankyou thankyou thankyou

  7. Brooklin Gerard

    Hi Dean

    I am a new trader. In fact I am in my first year of trading and so far you have described all the things that I have already thought in my mind and have also described all the things that I have done and learned the hard way.

    I feel I was just coming to see the fact that all the individual methods I have been learning are nothing and don’t work on their own. I think of the many perfect trade setups I took only to realize it was going nowhere and sitting in that same trade all day waiting for something to happen, and then realizing “hey every time I do this it is at the same time of the day” and learning that at this time there is NO VOLATILITY in the market. DUH!!!!! Well I won’t do that anymore for sure.

    The other lessons is a list that goes on an on. But I was just learning the other important thing which you mentioned and that is the exits are the most important thing if I want to be a successful trader. This is where the skill lies. It is easy to get a signal from some system but managing and exiting the trade takes a real SKILL.

    Well I have been only risking very very little in my trades which helps me to keep my emotions out of the trading equation as much as possible. The only emotions come at the end of the month or day when I see that I either have broken even giving back all the money I have worked so hard obtaining or else seeing a negative in my account. So I think well if I have a 50/50 chance of winning how can I be wrong so many times and I realize it is because I have very little SKILL exiting my trades.

    In other words you MAKE A LOT OF SENSE. HELP!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kenn

    Hi Dean
    Thanks as always a pleasure to watch your videos and your pleasant way to explain

  9. Dick Williams

    Nice job Dean. Are you saying that you have developed a system which will show you on given timeframes the entry, stop loss and exit points for multi-purchases and scaling out of a position? Can’t wait for your next video

  10. Paul

    I’m happy to hear someone talking about exits. You only make money when you exit!
    Thanks for the video. Well done!!!

  11. Pat Spain

    I’m still here, and listening for what comes next.

  12. Phil L.

    Hi Dean,

    What a great presentation this was. You’re absolutely right. The synergy of the market is usually in conflict with our emotions and perceptions, so by automation we can bypass our human nature which oftentimes prevents us from positive consistency in our trading. The exit is the hardest element in trading for us to come to terms with. Am very much looking forward to your next contribution of enlightenment for us! Thanks Dean….Phil L.

  13. c s douglas

    Interesting as always. Just like DOTS and the trade room, always learning something.

    Kris Douglas

  14. Steve

    Really good information, Dean. Thanks a million.

  15. marvin

    this has t be as good as i gets -how can i get this system

  16. Chris

    Hi Dean,

    congratulations…I love your videos and the DOTS …canĀ“t await the release of the new Syngey Pro…
    Have a nice weekend and see you next week in the traderoom..



    P.S.: Thanks for sharing all that amazing knowledge… best serious education in FOREX for sure…

  17. Tun

    Great video Dean!

  18. Jeff

    You are a great teacher Dean such good info, thank you.

  19. Hi Dean,

    A top presentation,looking forward to your next video.

  20. 10/06/2012

    Hi Dean

    First of all, you must be commented for the excellent system you have offered to retail ivestors.

    This puts the guess work out of when to take profit and or where to put a stop loss to help protect capital. It’s very helpful in strengthening the confidence of trading, especially new retail investors.

    Much appreciated for sharing your expertise and certainly am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you very much

    Best Regards
    Peter L

  21. excellent presentation. Ill have to focus more on what I am seeing and moves in the market. thank you for an excellent video.

  22. finn

    Well, Dean, what can I say! I’ve long seen that you are on your way straight up to the top of your profession. Admirably presented and well spoken. What you have let fall, I take out to consider time and again. You are an inspiration! Thank you for being.

    • Dean Malone

      Thank you for your kind words Finn!


  23. Simon

    Very good document the 4 elements, shall be keeping an eye out for additional videos.What platform will this work on?

  24. David

    Most traders are visual so I liked your when to EXIT strategy, obviously the less subjective, less emotional my trade entry and exits I find the better my trading success.

  25. David

    Very interesting to let technology overcome our experienced perception and overcome our fear(entry) and exit(greed, we must be right attitude). Very important to quickly get in synch with what the MARKET wants to do, and go with it not against it. Market doesn’t care which direction you think based on your experience which way it should go.

  26. surgeon

    Extremely helpful. Separate false perception vs reality. It help me trade what I see not what I think market will do.It help me jump in when I see the start of a trend with volatility and market sentiment.
    Thank you

  27. Excited to learn more

  28. Randy


    How can we get the Synergy Pro Trader Alert (SPTA) and Synergy Pro Volatitity(VOL) indicators?

    • Dean Malone


      There is much more coming this week – I’ll touch on both of those!


  29. Allan La Fleur

    Hello Dean, I think the information you are sharing is gold. I started off trading futures years ago and then quit. I didn’t blow up my accounts but I didn’t make much either. I got into Forex three years ago and have tried most everything including your synergy. the synergy I kept coming back to but found I was doing better with price levels. Then you came out with D.O.T.S., which I purchased and am very pleased with. I have been demoing it and it has worked very well. Now you have come out with the 4 Elements of Trading which brings things to the fore front that we know but are not really considering. Combined with D.O.T.S. maybe I will be able to start supplementing my SSI.

    The only question I have is, where do I find the Volitility indicator?

    You are a class act and I appreciate what you are doing, thanks.

    • Dean Malone


      I really appreciate the kind words! I will reveal more about the volatility indicator (and the other portions you’ve seen so far) this week. Also, you’ll learn about some really cool stuff that you haven’t seen yet! Stay tuned