My name is Jason Fielder, and in this groundbreaking report I am going to tell you about a little-known “methodology” that will instantly turn you into.

You’re about to learn:

  • What the “60:30:10 Principle” is and how understanding it can DOUBLE your trading accuracy overnight…
  • Two (2) tested and proven “counter-trend” strategies for profiting during sideways markets that you can use IMMEDIATELY to “legally steal” pips from the market over and over again (while most traders are sitting on the sidelines)…
  • The only three (3) market conditions that exist, and how to identify them so you can adjust your strategy to profit during each. (HINT: This is a secret only professional traders know about…)
  • My insanely profitable “Stack the Deck” technique that allows me to use “predictable moments of opportunity” to sky-rocket my accuracy and shatter any doubt when ever I “Pull The Trigger”
  • And much, much more…

BONUS: I will also give you access to 3 private trading videos where you can see the “60:30:10 Principle” in action on some real-world trading scenarios.
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