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Below, you will find a report that I have created to help explain shmoop pro the #1 reason why 90% of Forex traders lose money, and how to ‘side step’ this pitfall with my four (4) essential trading elements. I’ll also explain how these elements can be combined to create a powerful market “synergy”, and how it can be utilized in your own trading.

Go ahead and download the “Four Elements For A Successful Forex System” report below, and watch the video as well. Please feel free to post any questions you ma speech topics have in the comments section at the very bottom of this page.

1) Download the “Four Elements” Report:


2) Watch the bonus video for additional information:

Make sure you keep an eye on this blog over the next few days…there will be MUCH more training and information to come!

Dean Malone
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  1. brian

    I’m intrigued.Will now read the blog.
    I think we have met before (?)

  2. Jordan

    Glad to be among the very first to get this! Thanks so much Dean! Just what I needed! I’ll be following you closely! lol!

  3. John Coffee

    No one as far as I know has revealed this amazing level of insight before. As a novice trader, this seems to be the only pure logic in the whole forex arena.
    Thank you so much

  4. Dave

    Hi Dean, the way you explained your experience is a clone of my own. You have briefly explained something that we all suffer from due to our conditioning, and the fact we want to succeed and prove to ourselves we can be profitable traders.
    Your insight into sentiment, and how you can “read” it has got me interested. I look forward to more education from your expertise. Thanks

    • Dean Malone

      Dave… thanks for the feedback. There’s more to come!

  5. brian

    My!That’s a pretty deep thesis that you have produced.I must say you have opened my eyes somewhat.
    I look forward to the follow up,parts 1 and 2.What then I wonder?…..will it be exciting

    • Dean Malone

      Thanks Brian for your comment. Looking forward to sharing more with everyone!

  6. carlo

    Dean I am looking for the solution of the 4 elements called by you Synergy system. Where can I get the idea.
    Thanks Carlo

  7. Anwar Hussain Shaikpalur

    Hi Malone,

    You have just touched the pulse of a typical forex trader or every financial products trader to be precise.I myself is a financial trainer and trader and passing through the same phase and hold the very same opinion as yours.Synergy is really meant for everyone who wants to tread the financial markets.

    Good effort.I would like to follow your training and information.

    Happy training and trading.

  8. Hi Dean

    I’m very much a part time “hobby” trader as you so aptly put it. I am, however, wanting to improve and I’ve listened to a fair amount of “bull” in the past few years. You stand alone as the one teacher whose methods I trust

    Cheers, David

  9. Tun


    As always I’d like to thank you so much. I really like your D.O.T.S and ADR Pro Calculator. Please tell me when the Synergy Pro is released.

  10. Edgar Gonzalez

    Absolutely agree

  11. John

    Can’t argue, them’s the facts.
    It is applying them that’s the hard part.

  12. Charles

    Hi Dean.It has been a very interesting read and I look forward to more. As others have commented, I also am a “hobby” trader, with limited success to date. I very much agree with what you say about trends and price action in trading, be it stock or forex. My desire ultimately is to be a full time trader, but wonder is it really possible for the ordinary guy on the street to succeed. I hope so. I look forward with interest to what will come next and hope it is something that I can use to help me succeed as a trader. All the best and thanks

  13. This is an excellent beginning. Looking forward to more.

  14. Kenn

    Hi Dean
    Look forward to following the blog

  15. Derek

    Hi Dean, All your downloads have been excellent, something that traders can apply to improve our day to day trading performance – thanx again & look forward to the pdf – Derek

  16. chuck berry

    thanks you

  17. james

    i know you have been around a long while, i hear about you years ago and i know that you know what you are talking about

  18. ray

    I enjoy you work Dean . I find it very easy to understand your teachings on what can be sometimes a very technical subject.Thank you and keep it up.

  19. Keith

    Interesting concept and if it helps improve ones trading ability, then so much the better. Thanks Dean, I’ll be following with interest.

  20. Lyn

    Appreciated your informative thoughts.

  21. giovanni

    Thank you very much, Dean.
    …No wonder you are successful.
    The big trick threatening more or less every trader, I think is just the fact that we work on what we esteem more likely to happen. Still it is an esteem, not a certitude, so that we just got to stick to a trading plan that we have a realized it works – maybe depending on the price action, to smothen the frenzyness of the bars/candles by lower/higher t.f. – so to focus on the process, not the outcome, as we just don’t know the future.
    Easier to tell than to perform – damn!
    Kind regards.
    Giovanni Bevanati.

  22. Don Rowe

    I always appreciate your good help and advice… you are one of a very, very few that offer helpful and workable information. Also, you are not always just hammering us for obscene prices on useless information based on after the fact unworkable methods. I am thankful that you are helping teach and guide us so we can at least make a return on our investments. Thanks for this report as well as the others you are coming out with.

  23. Bertrand

    It’s sound very interresting so far. I will keep connected.

    Thank you

  24. Jerry Peters

    Hmmmm…. So that’s why I’m having trouble with my Price-Action-and-nothing-else Strategy.

    Verrrrrrrry interesting (but not funny!)

  25. Garry

    Hi Dean, thanks for this and I look forward to learning more. I have followed your systems closely and enjoy all your methods/ideas more that any other traders out there.

  26. Stacy Forman

    I am alive. I read your presentation and it describes your Synergy System exactly.
    Thank you for all you have contributed.


  27. CJ Andrews

    Excellent material, Dean. Agreed that no else you have hosted before (Craig H, Steve M, Bryan R, Kevin L etc.) has articulated these components just this way.

    The question becomes, what does it take to learn and to integrate these components successfully into one’s live trading? Looking forward to what you have to share further.

  28. Ken

    Excellent article. I appreciate your hard work. Look forward to getting more info on the blog.

  29. larry

    Thanks Dean, for sharing your knowledge on trading. Ive learned a lot from you, since I began trading candles. Looking forward for the continuation on this.

  30. Barry

    Hi Dean, thanks for putting in the time and effort to help others with trading the forex market. I am like a lot of others that have not really got into the real reason why markets do as they do, it is about time that I did so.

  31. Great insight Dean. I have found your approach and willingness to share refreshing and highly informative. Thanks for taking the time and effort to help others.

  32. Evonne

    Thanks Dean. Looking forward to the coming blog posts. Good stuff!

  33. Greg

    Yes, very interesting and interested. Thanks.

  34. eugene

    Hi Dean,
    Thanks for this valuable informations of your…I have been following your website for the last 6 months or so and I must say I have learned a lot from you indeed…

  35. Scott

    I’ve been waiting for years for you to bring your next version of Synergy to market. I’m sure it will be a great product as usual. Thanks for doing everything you do for the regular Joe traders.

    • Dean Malone

      Thanks Scott. You’re most welcome. It’s my goal to provide traders with some “real world” perspective about the Forex market.

  36. David

    Great information and really cuts through a lot of the bs out there in the forex world and other forex programs. Thank you Dean!

  37. Gary

    Very interesting, the need to be right is a big cause of failure.
    Great article


  38. awo

    I just want to appreciate your wealth of information, thanks for the forex tips it will go a long way to help me.

  39. Joe Marchant

    Made a lot of sense. Enjoyed reading it.

  40. Merle

    Yes I’m alive and know you are one that will be about honest content. I will love to read your report. Thank you

    • Dean Malone

      Appreciate the kind remark. I attempt to be as straight-forward as I can. Hope it helps!

  41. Dave

    These are the elements we know are important, and each one, used individually, does nothing but cause us doubt about our trade decisions. I look forward to learning more about how to integrate them and add to my confidence level.

  42. Jim

    Thanks Dean

    What a very informative way to highlight just how straightforward trading can be when you really think about it in terms of putting it all together.
    In many ways I suppose what your saying is like telling a wannabee musician that he won’t get a tune out of a Stradivarius that’s only got one string.

    • Dean Malone

      Jim… Well said!

  43. Kurt

    I find the FOREX market so simple, up or down!
    So I start a journey to trade with passion and find there is nothing simple about trading. I learn this, that, and fifty other things. I try to put it all together, and I come out the other end confused not only about the market, but myself also. Your making more sense than ever Dean and I will put your “Blog” at the top of my list! CompassFX is one of the greatest assets out there for traders! Thanks so much for your time and energy :)

    • Dean Malone

      Kurt… you’re right about the journey! Now, let’s get back to the passion of trading with greater clarity than before.

  44. Gary

    Thanks Dean. Looking forward for more.

  45. Kerry

    Great Stuff Dean,
    You have taken a lot of time to deeply explain your thoughts and put your meaning into words.
    The examples could have not been better placed.
    I have followed you for a few years now, and growth is taking place.
    It takes a thinking person with much experience to provide this kind of understanding of the wild ,wild west of Forex.
    You again have my attention……….

    • Dean Malone

      Taming “the wild, wild west of Forex” can be tough. Even tougher can be taming ourselves as we trade! It’s my intent to shed light on how we can perform better regardless of the market’s rodeo bucking bronco we’re on!

  46. Ian Foster

    Thanks for the report. It is one way of looking at the market. Another is to start with the premise that nobody trades the market, they trade against other traders.Thus all a trader requires is to be able to guage the psychological state of the participants active in the market at that time. Price is just an indicator for that.

    Speaking of indicators, I am not a big fan of them but your TDI is a cut above the average and I use it in my trading.

  47. Malcolm

    Some thought provoking information given in The Four Elements; very interesting as usual Dean.

  48. Guy

    Very good way of putting it all together. Makes sense to me….Thank you!

  49. Chris The Brit

    Jolly Interesting Info.
    Let us see more please.

  50. Larry

    I haven’t traded forex for months, I do however trade commodity futures. I still have a live forex account but because of inconsistent trading I have put forex on hold. The synergy concept looks compelling & I will look forward to additional blog information. Thanks!

  51. Patrick

    Looking forward to your follow up over the next few days. Your report on the four elements required has got my attention.

  52. Frank Florence


    Looking forward to reading the Four Elements of success.

  53. Ingrid

    Thank you Dean for giving us the insight into how you developed your trading methods.
    You are very generous in helping others to become good forex traders.
    I look forward to more information.

  54. Ronald Bornais

    I find it very interesting and eye opening.

  55. Gema Alberto

    Hi Dean. I’ve only been trading for about 7 months and am still struggling with systems. I found your article to be very clear and well written. Although I’ve come across the concept before it’s important to be reminded of it until it finally sinks in. Have been following you off and on for the past few months and am very interested in any follow up material. Thanks for the insights and for sharing this with the world.


    • Dean Malone

      Thanks for sharing Gema. Keep moving forward…and never give up on your goals. I look forward to sharing more thoughts about trading with you soon.

  56. Excellent report I am looking forward for more information


    • Dean Malone

      Thanks Don… there’s more to come!

  57. John

    As always your message is clear, professional and erudite. I always learn from you – if not new information then a different perspective or a positive revision. Thanks

    • Dean Malone

      Thanks John…appreciate the feedback.

  58. Keith

    What can I say? You’ve done it again! Your article was so right on line I don’t no how to thank you. I’ve been trading all these years by virtue of mind over matter and loosing scope of the actual requirements.

    All The Best,



  59. bo

    this is a WAKEUP information,



  60. Brad

    WOW Apophenia ! – great report Dean- really enlightening ! I will never look at a chart the same way again…
    Thanks a ‘lot’ Dean.

  61. Mario

    I have used Dean method as my basis for everyday work. it works.

  62. Charles

    Dean, Interesting article. Look forward to seeing what is to come. Thank you for sharing.

  63. Tim S

    Dean, Great info as always thanks for sharing your insights looking forward to following u on your blog

  64. Jeff

    Thanks Dean, can’t wait to learn more,

  65. John K.

    Hi Dean:
    This is interesting. I’ll be curious to see where you go with it.

  66. Kent

    A very clear definition of what is required.
    Thanks Dean

  67. Mike Young

    It makes perfect sense.

  68. Greg Latimer

    Hi Dean, your knowledge and generosity is much appreciated. I have watched your daily video’s and enjoy the live trade room. Without your help, I would have given up ages ago. I trade most days and have managed to go from a loser to a winner, not huge amounts but consistent, I am not afraid of the markets anymore as knowledge = power. I still have a lot to learn and with your help, I know I can make a living out of trading. Thanks again – Greg, Australia.

  69. Greg

    Hi Dean, thanks for all the time and energy.Its much appreciated.

  70. Dave

    I am looking forward to next

  71. Derek

    Hi Dean,

    Excellent report. I’m looking forward to seeing the video examples. Although the four concepts you outlined in the report sound logical, pulling it all together to become a consistently profitable trader is the tough bit. Keep up the good work. You are always worth listening to.

  72. Terence

    Dean, you have put out an amazing amount of work to help aspiring (successful) traders.
    Your website says it all.- Over 400 video’s, Free MT4 indicators etc.
    The ‘4 Elements’ is somethig us ‘been around, getting nowhere’ traders need to be reminded of and of course puting them together for that high probability trade is something I look forward too.
    Thank you!

  73. Serge

    Your “synergy of four elements” method seems quite simple to understand but complex enough to apply…. Thank you, Dean!

  74. Johan van Aswegen

    I like this very much keep let it coming, because I cannot trade and struggle…in other words i need help and every little or more that is available. Thank you for sharing this and do not want something in return

  75. Tom

    Hi Dean, Thank you for caring and sharing. This is a great initiative. Certainly will help me a lot. I am starting at 56 to trade FX as i am thinking of taking early retirement.( i do have a few years experience but have not been too successful) I know it is risky but just something i want to do.Your book and new method will make a difference for me.

  76. kw

    always forget to keep all 4 e in minde

  77. finn

    My dear Dean:
    Let me congratulate you for pulling together the four principles! They are useful to keep in mind, whatever trading method one is using. I have a very useful method ( it’s pretty eclectic and I often feel that you have been involved in its creation). My remaining problem is that though I don’t feel that I’m second-guessing the market development, I’m afraid I don’t always obey the rules I have put up; which seems rather ridiculous.

    With regard to volatility, I had an oscillator to measure it, which seemed pretty useful. Then I had an unwanted Windows update and all my template were scrubbed. I shall look for it among your work; Hopefully I’ll find it there. Best wishes – it’s an honor to listen to you.

  78. Daniel Angelin

    Very suggestive information! Unexpected to me!
    Now it rests to me to make research in the matter and find out if I can believe it or not.
    It’s exciting to meet a really different approach to evaluate price moves.
    Do you use volume to evaluate the sentiment?

  79. John

    I am impressed and appreciate your insights. As the market is always “right” and I am more often “wrong” (more so with timing than direction), any help towards gaining an edge is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work

  80. andrew treby

    Quite informative video Dean

  81. Alan

    tell me more!

  82. Bruono Galardi Este

    Excellent work Dean…You have a talent for explaining complicated topics in simple terms
    Thanks again,

  83. Jay Coverdale

    Dean you are truly an amazing teacher, you make things become clear as you explain things. Thank you for all of your time and effort you spend in teaching us all.

  84. Dean,
    I really like your approach.
    I’ve traded stocks for years for better or for worse,
    but I’m terrified of forex.

    perhaps less at this moment.
    thanks for the pdf.

    sophie L.

  85. Wayne

    Very interesting concept. Can’t wait to hear more.

  86. I’m a huge Dean Malone “fan” so announcements about the new DOTS program and this video series are very welcome in my email box. Keep ‘em coming, Dean. CompassFX is tops [in my book] largely because of your generously sharing ideas/concepts with fellow traders

    Kahl McDevitt
    Jacksonville, FL

  87. Food for much thought! And now add in the different time frames ………..

    Thanks for this and all your training videos – I have learnt so much from them.

    Best wishes


  88. Bernard Lubbers

    Dear Dean,
    For me wisdom is having the knowledge, apply it and be able to transmit it.
    There are a lot of great professionnals in Forex, as in other areas, that master the first two aspects.
    But there are only a few who are able to transmit their knowledge.
    You are one of the few persons who were able to help me to understand this market and get some fine results.
    I never can thank you enough for that!

    And as always it is a pleasure to listen to you and to learn from you!!

    Best regards,
    Bernard Lubbers

  89. Steve

    Sometimes we see what we want our brain to see instead of what it is really seeing. We let sentiment get in the way of rationale.

  90. Merle

    Very interesting. How do I get the volatility indicator?

  91. Jack Gammon

    Good review of the essentials of good trading, including the missing elements of technical analysis.
    Thanks, JAG

  92. João

    Great info… will continue to read to see what nuggets you set free :)

  93. c s douglas

    Enjoyed every bit of the report. Look forward to the blog as well as training on DOTS. As always, you are the best.

    Kris Douglas

  94. pipvian

    Hello Dean,

    I’ve watched most of your your videos before. Your lessons really are perfect and useful.
    Keep your way. God bless you.

    Thanks so much.

  95. Gregz

    Hello Dean,
    Great stuff! This helps alot!
    Thank You.

  96. Marv

    Dear Dean,

    This is another Me-Too commentary. I have always been grateful to you folks at CompassFX for your sacrificial service to traders. My adventure in Forex is nearing the end of its fourth year and I have yet to encounter any other organization that freely gives valuable help to traders and charges very reasonable prices for tools that are for sale. I thank God for you and the CompassFX team. No other trading firm that I have found has the level of generosity and integrity experienced at CompassFX.

    Thanks for the eye-opening report. I particularly like your comprehensive perspective. The fellow-trader’s word picture about the one-stringed violin, posted here, is priceless.

    Best regards,

    :) Marv

  97. Dan

    Thanks Dean, I look forward to putting this all together…

  98. John Busch

    All I can say Dean is incredible!!!!

    After all these years of working,trying and playing at trading you have finally hit the nail on MY head
    I had come to believe that maybe I was just destined to be one of the 90%ers and in fact had pretty much given up on any kind of real trading and relegated myself to “playing” at demo trading with the distant thought of having a small live account again someday.

    After your fantastic Financial Summit, getting your DOTS indicator and now understanding this I can finally say that I feel ready to confidently get back in the saddle again.

    If I had only known 8 years ago that my middle name was Apophenia…learning trading would have definitely been a heck of a lot less frustrating and the market much easier to see and understand.

    As always Dean, THANK YOU so much for everything that you do to continually strive to help teach us the art of understanding trading, and giving us what we need to become the best possible traders we can be.


  99. Marty

    As always, Dean your explanations are clear and very helpful. Keep up the great work.

  100. pipvian

    Hello Dean,

    Your videos always are perfect.

    Thanks so much.

  101. Ken

    Hello Dean,

    I am 78 years young, retired, and trying hard to learn how to trade the forex market.

    I find your knowledge and willingness to share it, very helpful, and I thank you for sharing your knowledge with folks like me.

    I look forward to what you have for us in the future.

    May God bless you and yours,

    Ken A

  102. Neotrader28

    Thanks Dean – As always wonderful information present well.

  103. Lisa

    Excellent, clear and concise teaching. So refreshing, thank you.

  104. Kathryn Brubacher

    thanks…good ‘discpline’ reminder


  106. muralidhara


  107. Charlie

    Great strategy! Anxious to know more.
    Keep up the good work Dean, and thank-you
    for sharing this vital info. All the Best…


  108. Bill Wayman

    I wish I had known these truths and concepts many years ago. I kept doing the wrong things over and over again, hoping for different results . . . the definition of insanity! In fact, if you look up the word “insanity” in the dictionary, you’ll see my picture! Wow, I thank God that our paths crossed. I am so grateful for all the time and effort you spent to come up with this information, and that you are sharing it with struggling traders like me. It’s been my desire and goal for years to become a consistently successful trader, and I am confident that by using your Synergy system I will accomplish that goal. You’ve given me a whole new lease on life! Thank you!

  109. clyde didier

    i need the help i’m a struggling trader thanks DEAN

  110. Hi Dean,
    As always you give excellent video content, full of worthwhile information.

    Kind regards, David

  111. Jimmy

    Very informative and revealing.

  112. Mitchell Lee Mednick

    Hi Dean,

    I`ve been watching your training videos for 2 or more years now and you have taught me a lot.
    Many thanks for your dedication. The four elements report is very concise but its most important
    aspect for me is the reminder to always look for trades where the four elements line up with the
    confluence or synergy effect.

    I`ve been guilty of taking many low probability trades and placing market orders when there was no
    synergy or only one or two factors line up, and then, well you know the results with this impatient
    approach, slow account drain.

    Now I`m gaining more consistency by waiting for synergy and the higher prob set ups.
    Many thanks to you and I look forward to more videos and tuition.



    PS. The summit was great

  113. Daniel

    Thanks Dean,

    I am hungry for more already. I can’t wait to see how the whole thing fits together. Keep ‘em coming Dean.

  114. steve jefferson

    Dean I just want to thank you for this video it was great I have follow along with you for a couple of yeras now and I have learned a lot thanks for all you do for us out here in the computer world. I will be looking forward to your next video

  115. Dave

    Good stuff Dean!

  116. Larry

    I agree that combining the four indicators can lead to better trading decisions. The key is timing, so what do you use to confirm a when to trigger the trade? If all four agree, how long do you wait to confirm a trade before you initiate a trade?

    • Dean Malone


      I actually have that coming very soon – keep your eye on the blog :-)


  117. Pat Spain

    very interesting

  118. Eliot B

    Hi Dean, Thanks again for your consistently high quality systems and opinions! Was that an ADX line in your bottom subgraph in the video? Good stuff! Best, Eliot

  119. Sunil

    Your presentations and trading ideas for new bees like me, A great source of
    Inspiration for me,,,,,,,,,,,,, You are fantastic Great…….

  120. Lena

    Hi Dean ! I have wotchid most of you wideos Great JOB !!!!!! Great THANKS !!!! GOOD BLESS YOU ! Regards.Lena

  121. Bryce

    Thanks Dean for a well thought out and presented trade video. By your willingness to “trade the hard right edge LIVE”, you show your confidence and professionalism which we all appreciate. Bryce.

  122. Richard Stewart

    Great information. This was something that I never thought of but when it shown to you, you realize how much truth there is in it.

  123. Mynor Rodriguez

    Hi Dean, thanks for sharing your knowledge and best advice. Best of luck for you and your family

  124. DrJohn

    Great stuff Dean. As always, you boil down the complex to something that is more easily understood. Keep it coming please.

  125. B Bur

    Thanks Dean – Looking forward to additional videos

  126. Dr.Ketan Jinwala

    Great video. I am eager to watch coming up video. Thanks.

  127. Edwin Echols

    I have been trading for years and following your teachings. You have always been able to show me something new and helpful and I’ve been the richer for it. I will be reading the blog with great interest.

    Thank you.

  128. Dean, I been watching you for several years, many of your videos, sat in your trade room, asked a couple questions, (AKA Icabodcrane), I like what I have seen. Your one of the few out there who really does care about helping other traders and their well being!
    Your Synergy is profound and works very well used properly, not blindly.

    I hope to reciprocate what you have given to me some day, thank you, Dale

  129. Rob

    Great report and video. I always look at at the daily timeframe for trend confirmation. I am always asking myself, do we have higher highs and higher lows for uptend? Do we have lower highs and lower lows for down trend. This keeps me on the same path as to what direction I should be trading.

  130. Ettim Umoh

    Hi Dean,

    Very insightful report and presentation! Can’t wait to see how you unfold the complete method
    in subsequent presentations. Thanks for sharing.

  131. eye opening

  132. Hi, Dean
    Thank you so much for this truly mind blowing pdf and off-course this video too. Am truly seeking a system for my daily chart, i mean i only determined to trader over Daily candle chart, is this system have the edge to perform on that bigger time frame? if so can you help me at next, .. Thanks.

  133. Dean:
    I am very impressed by how much I enjoyed reading your “report”. I am glad I read carefully instead of skimming ahead like I usually do when I read these blogs; maybe it is a magic skill you have in writing that keeps my attention on task! So here is an anecdote about my first impression from reading your writing..

    Believe it or not, I looked at your expressionless icon and thought “That face looks too much like just three circles and a line….the right answer is ‘two circles and a line’ “. Then you hit me with the punchline.

    When I looked at your candlestick chart, I thought: “Maybe I just don’t have the knack for reading charts today….can’t see much I would like to trade on…looks too rough”.
    Then you drew the channels and trend lines, and I thought “Why didn’t I see those? I must be out of it today…guess I need some more practice”. Then you hit me again. I learned a new word: “Apophenia”!

    What a perfectly balanced teaser. I learned a lot from that. I bet others did as well. I am now thinking as much about what I learned about writing and teaching as I thought about trading. I learned about the invisible yet perceivable threshold between seeing faces in clouds or not seeing them at all, or seeing setups in charts, or not seeing them at all. Something I knew but never could put into words.


    • Dean Malone


      Thank you so much for your kind words! My style of writing is a direct result of being a teacher for SO many years. I know that by simply ‘spitting out’ my ideas and theories, they tend to go over the heads of many traders. If I want to reach the broadest audience I can, I had to learn how to break down my ideas into easy-to-digest anecdotes and other small pieces of information that combine to form the full story (just like “Synergy”!). I was very much hoping that somebody would take the time to let me know if this style was actually making a mark and helping traders to learn…and I’m so glad it is! Thank you for the time you’ve taken to write me, and I really appreciate you following!

      I’ll be sending you an email within the next 24 hours or so.


  134. Ralph

    Hello Dean. Hope you are having a nice day, Very good information and presentation it helps to keep you thinking.

  135. Volatility i dont have this idicator can you supply it !! thank you !!

    • Dean Malone


      I’ll let you know about this within the next couple of days. I’ll shoot you an email – keep an eye out for it.


  136. Andy

    Sound logic very well presented. Good stuff. Thank you.

  137. cc

    Been a fan a long time, a market maker even longer, yet choose to be unseen. Just couldn’t remain silent of your recent posting.You cut through the chase, eliminate the noise as always.You don’t lead the sheep astray,they hear the shepherds voice & happily follow his lead. You are truly a breath of fresh air. A blessing to all who seek your expertise. Don’t ever change !!!!!!!
    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it !!!!!!!

    Be Blessed

  138. Frank Florence

    Agree Four Elements discussed provide an importnt relationship to trading. What do you use to measure Market Volitility and Market Sentiment in your charts.

    • Dean Malone


      I’ll have much more information about this exact question within the next couple of days. Keep your eye on your inbox!


  139. Mike


    Very good information and all four elements as you correctly state an important part of trading.

    However I am interested to know where you are getting the sentiment and volatility indicators from. The price action and trend elements are straight forward enough but I am not aware of the other two indicators.

    So could you kindly advise?

    I wait in anticipation.

    Thanks in advance.



    • Dean Malone


      Not to worry – I have much more information for you within the next 24 hours. I’m confident it will help clear up these questions (and many other questions you may have!)


  140. Bjorn

    Hi Dean, have been with you for some years now( the room) and i must say that you are still better and better for every, year, month, and day.
    Thanks for all you are doing.

    • Dean Malone

      Thank you for following! I hope that you’ll find this method to be as strong and enlightening as I do!


  141. Debbie Phillips

    Hi Dean,

    Thank you so much for all of the time and effort that you have put into your Synergy method.
    I am looking forward to using your new SynergyProTrader system.

    • Dean Malone


      Thanks for the kind words :-) I have even more information that I’ll be sending out within the next 24 hours or so…so keep your eye on your inbox (as well as this blog)


  142. Doug

    Dean (& Kim),

    Realy appreciate all the time and effort you put in to help us – don’t know how you find the time.

    Best wishes to all


    • Dean Malone


      This is what I do – and I enjoy every minute of it!


  143. Krek

    October 06, 20112
    Louisville, KY


    I have been studying the Forex market for a couple of years. And yes like many, I have spent too much money on “systems” that promise a lot and deliver very little. I have followed many other students like my self to Forex educational forums. There I found some very gifted and generous contributors to be shouted at and harassed until they threw up their arms and surrendered. These generous souls eventually stopped posting in their own threads.

    The training progression continued. I began to buy into training courses. Some were very good and I learned a great deal. Some were mediocre with little content of value. One course, the most expensive by the way, did very little for me except to reinforce that age old saying, “You always pay for what you get, but you don’t always get for what you pay”.

    Fortunately for me, I made a promise to myself that until I was showing profitable results for at least two months, I would remain in “Demo Land”. For the last several months I have religiously upheld my self imposed “spending diet” to all Forex systems, indicators, signal services and courses. Like a matador in the ring, I have avoided being gored by some of the best “bull” salesmen coming right at me from the chute.

    Dean, I have been observing you from the sidelines for awhile now. I am impressed with your knowledge and your even demeanor in your trade room. You explain the Forex market movements in your teaching videos so that even a novice like me can understand. You make me feel comfortable by your humor and ability to laugh at yourself at times. Now your thesis of the “Four Elements of a Successful Forex System” resonates with my belief that there is something more than just Price Action or Big Banks or Collective Direction in the market place. What you said and how you said it opened my eyes.

    Dean, your excitement about the Forex market is infectious. I want to hear more. I want to learn more. I want to practice Synergy more.

    Thanks Dean,


  144. love your left of centre approach, seems excellent stuff, want more !